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Testimony, Part 4

I recently visited the Church of my youth, for a memorial service of a dear lady in our community. I had not been in the Church Sanctuary, for many years, although it is just blocks from our home. What struck me was the beautiful mural painting behind the baptistery, where I was Baptized, at 8 years old. It is a picture of the Jordan River, that someone painted many, many years ago. It is just as beautiful, to see, all these years later! The memory of my coming forward, flooded my soul, and I remembered where my family was seated when I came down the isle, and accepted JESUS as LORD and SAVIOR. Also, I remember having Dr. Murphy, hold me up, because I was just too little to touch the bottom of the baptismal. It was 39 years ago. How GRACIOUS our FATHER is, for bringing this to my memory. I shared this with the new Pastor of this Church. It was a very sweet moment, and he realized the IMPACT that the former, Dr. Murphy had on the congregation, during his many years. I have asked if I can transcribe, Dr. Murphy's Sermons for the Church, and that they be put into book form, for the members. I also told the new pastor, that I would come if he needed, to speak to the Church, about my experiences there, as a child. We never know, when our TESTIMONY becomes a WITNESS, at a critical time, in someone's life. I PRAISE the LORD, for the church and pastor, I had as a child, and for the many loving relatives, who also have loved the LORD, so much, and prayed for me. GOD is GOOD. AMEN. Thank you LORD, for bringing all of this, to my remembrance.

23 Mar 2014
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Testimony, Part 3

My mother had water on her frontal lobe, and had surgery, to relieve the pressure on her brain. After the surgery, she didn't recognise any of us. Up until that point, I had good memories, in my life. I had to do some growing up fast, because, mom, was't mom, after that. Because the home health nurses, would quit in the middle of the day, I missed some school. We went through a lot, back then. My dad lost several jobs, because he would have to come home from work, and try to find another nurse. So that was when, I decided to come home from school. This surgery was way before dr's knew about alzhimer's. Ten years after that, she died, we had the confirmation, that this is what she had. All these memories, are flooding back. I lost my mother twice. The day of that opperation, and the day she physically, passed away.

If I hadn't know JESUS, back then, I wouldn't have made it through today. The LORD is GOOD, no matter, what others may think...I do praise the LORD, for the strong foundation, I had in my family and through my religious up bringing.
23 Mar 2014
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Testimony, part 2

About a month or two after I rededicated my life, I contracted Asian type flu. The medications reacted within my body and I went into seizures and convulsions. I remember the pain as my facial muscles disfigured. My father and mother rushed me to the hospital, and I remember that I died in the emergency room, as the Dr's were trying to figure out what was wrong. During that time, I heard the dr's say that they were loosing me, that my BP had disappeared. I remember the bright light that was over the bed, becoming ever brighter...and soon I felt myself lifting out of my body and watching the dr's work to revive me. My mother cried out the to LORD, "not her, take me instead!” I was revived.

I was told that the medications were experimental, and that they had had an adverse reaction to each other, that was unexpected. The pain in my jaw, left me with TMJ (Temporamandibular Joint), which from time to time still acts up. It causes me to not be able to chew food easily as my jaw locks up.

A few more months past, and my mother, began to blame me for things that she had misplaced. At first I thought she just forgot about where something was. Soon it became apparent that there was something wrong. I called my older sister, who took mom to the dr. The Dr. ordered a sleep study and found abnormal brain activity. After a series of tests, they concluded that she had pressure building up on her brain, from fluid, and decided to operate. I was around 13 years old then. She was hospitalized. I remember getting a call from friends, and was going to go somewhere with them. The guy showed up but my other friends couldn’t make it at the last minute. My dad was distraught and not thinking clearly and allowed me to go alone with him. This friend, raped me that night, but I never spoke a word about the rape to anyone in my family. My mother had her surgery, and never recognized me or anyone else again. She lost most if not all of her memory. Still today, I am in awe of how the LORD used both of the situations to prepare me.

There is so much more to share. I wanted to share this, because this is something that I have pondered in my heart all these years. I went through being raped alone, and very scared. Why would the LORD take my mom away when I needed her the most, and why was I the strongest one in my family. Everyone around me broke down in tears, but I didn't have any tears then?

My tears begin to shed in private...and I knew that surely the LORD had heard my mother's plea that day, in the emergency room. I resolved myself to live my life for HIM, because of the sacrifice that she was willing to make for me.

23 Mar 2014
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My Testimony is Simple

My testimony is simple. As a child I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church, right here in the heart of Memphis, TN. It was under a wonderful pastor, Dr. Murphy, that I was taught about the LORD and all of HIS goodness. Dr. Murphy was the kind of Pastor, that you seldom slept while he preached...he was a Fire and Brimstone man, that believed in telling the WORD just as it is! When I was about school age, I remember that my parents had to sit in the balcony, because the lower Sanctuary was full. It was that Sunday morning that I was behaving a little badly, and my Father, took me out of the Sanctuary and down near the restrooms to give me a little talking too. My father, had never needed to spank me, and usually a stern word from him was all that I needed, plus that fatherly stern look. We came back into the church and Dr. Murphy was still preaching...but soon my dad and I were called by a Deacon to come to the Pastor's Study as soon as the Sermon was over. My dad took me by the hand and we made our way to Dr. Murphy's office. He asked my father to wait outside, and he took me into the office, leaving the door ajar. He sat me on his lap and lovingly began to tell me why it was important that I behave in Church...that it was the way to respect JESUS. He told me of how much JESUS loved the little children and how JESUS took all my sins and put them on a Cross. After he finished talking with me, he called my dad in, and told him, he didn't think he would ever have problems with me misbehaving in Church again. What struck me was that Dr. Murphy knew my name, and that he knew out of all the people in Church that day, that I was the one who needed encouragement. Whether, dad and the Deacon had already arranged this, I don't know.

Anyway, when I was 8 years old, I decided to accept JESUS as my PERSONAL SAVIOR. I was baptised by Dr. Murphy, and not too long after this, he retired, and within a moth had passed from this life. His memories and teachings are the fundamental part of who I became in the LORD. I am greatful for a man of GOD that stood on the WORD, and brought me to repentence.

At age 12 or 13, I rededicated myself to the LORD. It was during a revival at a new church I was attending, in Bartlett, TN. We had moved there, and it was too far to go to our old Church. During the Revival, the evangelist was explaining about Hell, and what awaits those who don't believe in the LORD. It was during that time, that I reflected on my own Salvation, and wanted to serve the LORD, so I asked to be rededicated. The Pastor wanted to make sure of my Salvation, since I was a tender age, when I first accepted JESUS as LORD of my life...and he was sure that I understood the importance of knowing for sure.

Over the years, the LORD has been with me. Through all kinds of Trials and tribbulations, HE has carried me through. HIS WORD is sure, and there is no doubt in my mind that HE IS REAL!

My Testimony is simple, and I used to wonder at those who could tell of so much sin in thier life, and how the LORD truned them around...and ask the LORD, why I didn't have a testimony like that. But over and over, the LORD has given me wonderful testimonies to share, in so many different ways! HIS ways are truly awesome. So, you see, a simple testimony may not seem like much, but the LORD uses you to reach others.

May the LORD bless you.

23 Mar 2014
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Sometimes GOD moves you aside to do HIS Purpose

1 Samuel 12:7 (KJV) Now therefore stand still, that I may reason with you before the LORD of all the righteous acts of the LORD, which he did to you and to your fathers.

18 Apr 2012
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